Thai Palace opened in April 2007. The owners are Angelica "Bo" Krathinthong, Dena Smith and Darlene Kyurn.

Chef Bo has been developing her thai cooking skills for 11 years in the Verde Valley. Long before that she became interested in cooking from her grandmother in Thailand, this is where she learned the authentic art of Thai cooking and some old family secret recipes. When she went off to college she majored in food and nutrition. After graduating she did her internship at a 5 star resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. She later got a job with the Chang beer company where she was in charge of planning all the meals for the owners and their guests. After much thought Bo decided to come to America to perfect her cooking skills. Finally, after about eight years of working for other Thai restuarants she decided to open her own restuarant in Cottonwood, Az.
  Dena, with her many years of serving, bartending, and management experience runs the front of the house. Sometimes you will see her bussing or serving and even dishwashing. She also preps in the back when needed, but mostly she is there to make your dining experience a delight. She will hlep you pick an entree and answer any questions you might have, so feel free to ask!

Darlene is Dena's mother and she's in charge of all the behind the scenes operations. Usually she is at her other job as a hairstylist or off to a retreat learning more spiritual and metaphysical ways of life. If Bo and Dena ever get a chance to get away, she is there taking care of business.

So if you don't already know the Thai Palace family please introduce yourself and they will do everything to make your visit one to remember and keep you coming back for more!

  THAI PALACE © 2010 Cottonwood, AZ.